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The challenge

Building financial products on traditional banking infrastructure introduces unwelcome complexity into your product experience.

Our solution

Cambr helps companies create a seamless internal ecosystem that eliminates financial friction within their product suite.

Move money quickly

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Fund loans instantly

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Send 'referral bonuses' directly to users

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Allow users to invest seamlessly

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Pay your employees faster

Our solution eliminates all unnecessary friction

Without Cambr

Development is painful, slow, and expensive. Once built, products are still subject to traditional financial friction.

Takes years

Traditional solutions require you to spend years finding a partner bank, contracting and integrating with half a dozen vendors, and figuring out how to fit your product in today's regulatory environment.

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High user abandonment rates

Complex and unintuitive onboarding flows cause user abandonment and decrease conversion.

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Slow transactions

ACH takes days to clear, introducing unwanted payment friction into your product ecosystem.

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Cost inefficiency

Developing financial products on legacy infrastructure is expensive and time consuming.

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Development is quick and easy. Our innovative solution enables you to eliminate financial friction within your product suite and create a truly seamless product.

Build quickly

Our banking-as-a-service solution allows you to build quickly and scale to suit your needs with near complete flexibility. No complex integrations, no arbitrary program limits, and endless possibilities.

Onboarding, simplified

By systemizing the onboarding process and streamlining compliance, we prevent repetition and minimize time spent form-filling. Reduce user abandonment and maximize conversion.

Instant transfers

Your apps and processes move fast – your money should move just as quickly. Traditional ACH takes days to clear, but with our instant internal transfers, you can fund loans, allow users to invest, pay your employees, and more, immediately. All within your existing ecosystem.

Cut unnecessary costs

Our comprehensive solution integrates and streamlines all aspects of white-label banking to help companies cut costs and get to market faster. Make use of our internal transfers and batch processing to cut costly processing fees.

Key Customers

Qapital empowers users to achieve their goals with better saving, smarter spending, and informed investing.

Thanks to Cambr, Qapital is able to provide the first comprehensive digital banking experience for its customers. Offering a savings, spending, and investing solution under a single app, Qapital has redesigned the banking experience to help users reach their financial goals faster.

Why Cambr?

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The complete banking-as-a-service solution

Companies can now take control of their user-facing financial services through Cambr’s robust and secure financial solution. We'll keep adding new features so your apps can always be best in market.

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Scale confidently

Our nationwide network of over 800 community banks removes idiosyncratic risk and enables massive scalability. Securely store up to $100B in deposits, with up to $100M in FDIC insurance per user.

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Designed to be profitable - for you

We've built our business model upon enabling your success. With lower costs and dramatically higher revenues than traditional solutions, you can turn a cost center into a revenue generator and keep driving user growth and engagement.

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I want to reduce financial friction in my ecosystem