You hit a series of roadblocks: finding a bank to work with, contracting with half a dozen providers, trying to integrate a handful of legacy systems. A year later and you are still developing; hoping everything you build fits within a couple thousand pages of compliance frameworks.


Through a single API, you can rapidly deploy financial functionality for your users in a compliant and secure environment. You can get started today with one API, and no delays. As your company evolves so do we, keeping you ahead of the curve with the latest technology.


Our account end-points are the hub of all financial functionality on Cambr. Create robust DDA, savings and FBO accounts that benefit from FDIC insurance via a single call. Accounts are issued with live ABA and routing numbers. Thinking about helping your users save for a goal? Leverage our goal end-points and start the journey now.


Our platform handles all issuing and processing, making end-to-end card functionality fast, efficient and profitable. Once an account is live, a single call will produce and ship your custom cards. We’ll work with you to create the physical cards to fit your brand and set up fulfilment.


Experience the power of integrated payments. Directly interface with your user's accounts via cost-effective ACH transactions. Our 5,000+ merchant biller direct payment platform makes paying bills easy and profitable. With live ABA and account numbers, you can step outside of our API and integrate with any payment platform.


Access hundreds of data points directly via the API or easily consume batch files into your warehouse, as often as you need. Our clean transaction data allows your AI teams to build next-gen features and make apps more intuitive. Curated offers, financial empowerment and smarter features are right at your fingertips.



Enhance your AI, keep your users up to date in real-time and innovate around security. Using AMQP standardized messaging, your development teams can easily consume and build your product teams' most forward features, all while rapidly deploying alert features.



Our team spent the last eight years building a powerful network of 800+ community banks and electronically linking them together. User cash balances in Cambr are optimized, allocated and deposited across this network. You’ll never outgrow your bank or risk a single point of failure. Instead, you’ll be able to scale massively and securely through the power of the distributed network.